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About iAppNdroid

iAppNdroid founded in 2013 by a group of individuals from Middle East.

What we do?

We are dedicated to develop professional mobile apps. We have now 5+ apps in the AppStore and more coming soon. We are planing to release more than 20 high quality apps at the end of 2020.

We Are Always With You

Because we believe that it is the era of apps and smart devices, we have tailor made our apps to you in the most comfortable ways. We are working 24/7 on making the best for you! From fitness, to personal life, and reaching entertainment, our apps are all created in a simple user-friendly way to assist you and make your life much easier.

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Our Team

iAppNdroid team is excelling in several fields (Programming, Marketing, Graphic Design and Fitness). They work hard and strive to offer you at the end the best solutions that meet your needs.

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We are always seeking improvements and upgrades to our apps! To keep providing you with the best quality apps, we dedicate our time and efforts to add, edit, and update our apps based on your requests and needs. Every day we develop, enhance, and expand to maintain your satisfaction and bring to you the latest technologies.

Your feedback is very important

Whether you need help, have comment, or simply have a suggestion. please feel free to share your thoughts with us and we will make sure to address them at our soonest update.

Contact Us

We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Use below contact form or send email to support@iappndroid.com

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